Five reasons to go sex toy shopping with your partner

Nowadays, the internet offers a great place to shop for the best sex toys online. You can simply open up your browser and browse through thousands of sex toys in complete anonymity. Whether you’re looking for a vibrator, realistic silicone dildo, pocket pussy, or life-sized sex doll, everything is just a mouse click away when you’re browsing the web.

Online sex toy shopping is easy, but wouldn’t it be much more fun and exciting to get out of your comfort zone and to do the shopping of your next sex toy in an actual, physical, sex shop? Sure, we admit that the idea of entering a sex store alone or with your partner can be scary for the first time. Some people might even consider it to be ‘’dirty’’. But believe us when we say that there are plenty of good reasons to visit a physical sex toy shop with your partner. Throughout this article, Luvkis will share with you 5 reasons why you and your partner should consider heading out to an actual sex toy shop to choose your next adult toy together.

  • See the toys with your own eyes

Although the internet is filled with pictures of adult toys, nothing goes above seeing and feeling an adult toy in real life. Sure, the images online and the specifications give a pretty clear picture of what the sex toy is like. But still, you’ll often come to realize that, after buying a toy online, it was slightly different from your expectations. By seeing and, most importantly, holding an adult toy in real, you can be assured you get exactly what you’re looking for.

By holding it in your hands, you can feel the texture, weight, and softness of the product. Added to that, it also gives you a real indication of the size. For vibrating toys, you can even feel how powerful the vibrations are in order to see whether it will meet your sexual needs. This allows you to analyze in your mind whether this particular sex toy is suitable for you or if it’s better to keep on looking for something else. After physically seeing and holding a toy, you simply can’t go wrong with your future purchase.

  • Get feedback from professionals

Selling sex toys on the internet is easy and everybody can do it. Although there are some professional online sex toy distributors such as Luvkis, the vast majority of online stores know little about the items that they’re selling. As a result, you won’t be able to fully rely on their information. This problem can, luckily, easily be solved by visiting a physical sex toy shop. When doing so, you can benefit from the wisdom and advice of the people who work there. You might not have thought about it before, but these people are true professionals who are able to answer all your questions related to sex and masturbation.

 Although it might feel a bit awkward at first to ask a stranger about these topics, just keep in mind that they are a professional. They have worked in this environment for years and, most likely, have heard all types of questions before. No matter what you ask, you’ll always get a serious answer in return. Having your questions about a sex toy answered before using it is important as it removes your doubts and uncertainty. After all, you’ll be using it around your private area so it’s a good thing to know what you’re buying!

  • Find out new ways to have fun

Sure, we all know the basic vibrator and dildo. But believe us when we’re saying that, once you set foot inside an actual sex store, an entirely new world opens up in front of you. You’ll find plenty of new ways to bring excitement into your bedroom and you’re going to be introduced to all sorts of ideas on both solo-masturbation and couple fun that before you could have never imagined. Ranging from masturbation cups and vibrators to BDSM accessories and life-sized sex dolls – when visiting a sex store you’ll realize how vast the possibilities of pleasure really are. And again, keep in mind that, when you’re not sure what kind of toy suits you best, don’t be shy to ask for some professional advice from the shop assistant!

  • Get to know your partner better

One fun little thing about visiting a sex shop together with your partner is that you’ll get to know him better from a sexual point of view. A fun game you can play together while sex toy shopping is to guess each others’ desires. Try for instance to guess what toy your partner finds the most interesting and wants to try. Have a walk through the store and keep in mind what toys you find interesting. Then, let your partner guess which one it is and see how well he really knows your sexual desire. Beside this game being fun and exciting, it also reveals some of your partner’s sexual desires that before you never knew about. Who knows, perhaps the two of you had some common sexual fantasies for all these years but you never knew!

  • Don’t be shy to be indiscreet

From time to time, it’s a good thing to leave your comfort zone and to be indiscreet for a change. Although it’s not a crime to enter a sex store, most people still see it as something exciting and thrilling. After all, there always is the risk of running into a friend, colleague, or even a family member! And although this is nothing to be ashamed off, the risk of accidentally walking into someone you know still offers an exciting thrill!

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About the Author: Danny White