How does social media affect your relationship with your significant other? –

Social media can have an impact on your relationship with your partner. And today, we’re going to talk about the issues social media can raise for people being in a relationship. Having this in mind will help you avoid those issues and therefore make your relationship better. You’ll feel better about your partner and about yourself. And your relationship will be much stronger. First, you need to understand that:

Social media allows people to present themselves in a favorable light.

Usually, when someone posts a picture of her/him on a social media, it is a picture that have been taken when this person was at her/his best.

But that’s not all…

It is also a picture that have been carefully chosen among other pictures taken at the same moment, in order to get the best shot.

And then, this best shot have been edited in order to delete the imperfections and little flaws, and enhance the physical appearance of the person on it.

As a result, when you spend too much time on social media (and especially on Instagram), you consistently come across people who appear perfect.

And since they appear perfect, it makes you feel bad about yourself and/or about your mate.

It makes you see your flaws and the flaws of your significant other very clearly.

It makes you realize how far you are from being perfect, and/or how far your partner is from being perfect.

This can create frustration and makes you irritable, thus negatively impacting your relationship, or making you want to cheat.

Social media (such as Instagram) displays people who look perfect (which isn’t bad per se, everyone does it and it is pretty logical and natural to want to do so), but an issue arises when we fail to take a step back and see this for what it is: something that is not real.

Limiting the time you spend on social media such as Instagram will not only help you feel better about yourself, but it will also allow you to find your partner much more attractive, because you won’t compare her/him with some perfect people that only exist in a virtual world.

So try not to lose your time on Instagram or other social media where people look too perfect. Because it’s not reality.

You’ll feel much better about yourself and about your partner.

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