How to Be the Guy Ladies Fall For

So, you want to attract the ladies? Perhaps you’ve been on the dating scene for a while, but aren’t finding someone you’re compatible with? Or maybe you’re already in a relationship but want to bring that spark back. Whatever the case is, getting ladies to fall for you involves a combination of things that include your outer appearance, personality, and overall lifestyle. Here are a few pointers on how to go about getting more attention from the opposite sex.

You Gotta Have Confidence

The most attractive thing about a person is their confidence. A woman wants to know that she is with a man that is sure of himself in every way (without being too cocky). You’ll need to work on your confidence from the inside out – especially if you’re a bit insecure or have self-esteem issues. Replace negative thoughts about yourself with positive ones, work on your body language by standing tall and making eye contact, if there are things you don’t like about yourself (like your physical build), work on them.

Neat Appearance

Real women aren’t looking for the guy who wears all the fancy labels or designer things, they just want you to be neat in appearance. Take a look at yourself in the mirror, review your wardrobe, and determine what things you might like to change. Do women like mustaches or baby faces? Would they prefer long hair or a well-kept short cut? Are your clothes age-appropriate, clean, pressed, and coordinated? As you assess these things, make changes that you’re comfortable with first as this will boost your confidence and automatically attract more women to you.

Goals and Ambition

You don’t have to have the most high-paying job to grab the attention of a woman, it’s often the man who has goals, dreams, and ambition for the future that wins them over. Though you definitely should be able to pay your own bills so you’re not a burden in the relationship, you don’t have to make top dollar. Think about where you see yourself in five or ten years from now. What things do you want to accomplish and more importantly, how do you get yourself there? As you date a woman and she sees your ambition to always strive for better this will be very attractive to her.


Last, women are attracted to guys with great personalities. Men who are conceited, aggressive, lack intimacy or compassion, and are self-absorbed always finish last. They’re looking for guys who have a good sense of humor, compassion, intimacy, confidence, and intelligence. Work on improving yourself in these areas to better appeal to women you’re most attracted to.

It may seem that women are after overly handsome, muscle-bound, rich guys who can give them the finer things in life, but the truth is, most women aren’t. They’re looking for a guy who is confident with who he is, has goals and dreams, a great personality, and a neat appearance. If you’ve been falling short on the dating scene or simply want to reignite the flames between you and your longtime girlfriend or spouse, the advice above should certainly help you win her over.

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About the Author: Danny White