The reasons why the adult industry is now down

There are many companies that are suffering a serious alteration, or death, since the Internet became a tool of daily life for most consumers. While travel agencies survive from old people, as well as people who fear computers and the network; newspapers and magazines have seen their readers and advertisers spread throughout the virtual universe.

And while some companies are hated, like the labels, others provoke certain feelings of nostalgia. However, there is a company that is in full decline and in a certain way has not fallen into the brainy analysis of the specialists, or that of ordinary people, due to its own nature of proscribed and shameful.

I am referring to the pornography industry.

Nobody doubts that the sex industry is in a clear decline and has already left behind that golden age in which hundreds of films were produced per year for a public highly consumer of a form of entertainment that has been very attacked by the moralist groups, but that is still very recurrent.

The answer, as it has happened to many others, is on the Internet and the causes are several. Here are the reasons why this sector is down:

1. Piracy.
The eternal problem for the sex industry and many others. The pirates, the torrent sites as well as the video sites specializing in pornographic videos, are dedicated to distributing the material for free on the network.

2. Video on Demand is not a solution
Due to the characteristics of pornography the consumer has no need to see more than short pieces of tape so he is not interested in paying a full “event” if he is only going to “use” some scenes. But the industry found its way with various live sex cams.

3. – Everyone wants to do pornography
the point is that customs have changed (is this good or bad?) And now there are more people willing to try their luck in the business; in the same way, making and managing a pornographic site on the Internet is extremely easy.

4.- Online games
This type of entertainment has proven to be a great competitor and the reasons why it wins the adult entertainment industry is the same as for point number two: pornography only needs a short time to “meet its objectives” (at least for normal ones), on the other hand, people can play World of Warcraft for days.

The internet, however beneficial it is, still carries two sides.

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About the Author: Paul Petersen